Medieval Poland (and Lithuania) Sigismund Thaler (Counterfeit)  1533
Medieval Poland (and Lithuania) Sigismund Thaler (Counterfeit) 1533

This is a modern-day reproduction of an old thaler of Sigismund I, dated 1533. It is made out of brass and apparently plated with sterling silver. The annotation Ag 925 means sterling silver: 'Ag' is the chemical symbol of silver, and '925' means 92.5% silver, which is the purity of sterling.

These modern-day coins sell for a few dollars, usually less than $5 US dollars each.

There are earlier, nineteenth century, replicas which are valuable. The picture below is one from a Polish auction that sold for $1250 US dollars. Note that the Ag 925 annotation does not appear.

The bust of Sigismund I bonnet and crown appears to the right, and in the rim escutcheons Polish, Lithuanian, Prussia, Red Russia and Austria are represented. The inscription reads SIGISM P REX PO Loni M & D LITHV 1533. On the reverse, the bust of young Sigismund II Augustus appears in a headband and crown. Inscription reads SIG AVG SECVND FILIVS REX PO - Lonc & C.

Coin: 21612 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1533 It is a Sigismund thaler dated 1533 1533 SIGISM PREX PO LONIEM LITHU SIG AVG SECVND FILIVS REX PO LON Ag 925
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