Medal: Germany 60 Anniversary of Empire (Wilhelm I)  1931
Medal: Germany 60 Anniversary of Empire (Wilhelm I) 1931

Before Otto Von Bismarck organized them into a unified empire in 1871, Germany was a loose federation of individual states. Then, 60 years later, Wilhelm I issued this fancy medal commemorating that anniversary in 1931.

The medal comes in gold, silver, and bronze.

GOLD: 0.63 troy ounces gold
SILVER: 0.8 troy ounces silver

Typical pricing runs like this:

circulated or impaired: $600 US dollars
pristine: $800

circulated or impaired: $50 US dollars
pristine: $100

circulated or impaired: $10 US dollars
pristine: $30

Coin: 21634 , Genre: Medals
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Requester description: 1931 germany medal man with beard and sideburns says 1871 18 januar 1931 Deutsches Reich big eagle on back and lots of small shields
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