Token ~ Jeton: Venezuela Caciques (Indian Chiefs)  1955 to 1957
Token ~ Jeton: Venezuela Caciques (Indian Chiefs) 1955 to 1957

'Caciques' means 'Chiefs' and these gold tokens depict several different famous Indian Chiefs from Venezuela. The tokens themselves were minted in Switzerland by the Inter-change Bank Suiza.

The tokens come in various sizes, from 4.5 grams up to 22.2 grams. They are all made of 90 percent gold, and are worth their weight in gold.

To figure the value of your specific token, make the following calculations. First, find the weight of your token precisely in grams. This usually involves a trip to a jeweler with an accurate scale. (Note: some tokens have the weight inscribed, others don't.) Next, multiply the weight by 0.9 to account for the fineness of the metal. Then divide the result by 31.1, which is the number of grams in one troy ounce.

For example, suppose you have a Caciques token that weighs 6.0 grams. Then:

Gold content = 6.0 x 0.9 / 31.1 = 0.173 troy ounces gold

Use a web site like to find the current price of gold. At this writing, the price is $1255 US dollars per troy ounce, but look it up because it changes every day.

In our example, the 6 gram token has 0.173 ounces of gold, which is worth 0.173 x 1255 = $218 US dollars. Not bad!

If you went to sell your token to a coin dealer, expect that he or she would pay less than gold value. Dealers need a decent margin to stay in business.

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