Chile Revolutionary Peso  1859
Chile Revolutionary Peso 1859

An unsuccessful Revolucion Constituyente, Constitutional Revolution, was fought in Chile during 1859. Don Pedro Leon Gallo issued revolutionary coinage in uniface silver, both 50 centavos and 1 peso. THe 1 peso (1P) is shown. The 50 centavos (50C) is smaller. The coins are associated with Copiapo, a silver-rich city in northern Chile.

Collectors seek out these coins, as they are rare and have significant historical value. Typically, for both 1P and 50C coins, catalog values run like this:

worn: $100
average circulated: $200
well preserved: $350
fully uncirculated: $800

The peso in our main picture (upper left) sold for $220 US dollars during a 2016 auction by Steve Album. CoinQuest thanks Steve for use of his coin photo.

Coin: 21641 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 'Peso Gallo - Constituyente' Chile 1859 36,5mm CERT VERIFICATION #30515196 Denomination .1.P 390 thousand
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