Austria 10 and 20 Corona  1892 to 1916
Austria 10 and 20 Corona 1892 to 1916

These are beautiful old coins, Rachael. The fact that your coin is bent, however, will lower its price to gold bullion content alone. There will be no numismatic (coin collector) value over and above bullion value for bent coins.

Here are the statistics:

10 CORONA: 18 mm diameter, 0.098 troy ounces gold
20 CORONA: 20 mm diameter, 0.196 troy ounces gold

To find bullion value use a web site like to find the up-to-the-minute price of gold. Then multiply that dollar amount by 0.098 for 10 coronas and 0.196 for 20 coronas. At the moment, kitco reports $1290 US dollars per troy ounce, so Rachael's coin is worth $1290 x 0.098 = $126 (Base value=BV). If you go to sell this coin to a gold dealer, he or she will charge you a commission for handling the transaction. For a single coin, a reasonable commission would be 20 to 40 percent. If you had 100 coins, the commission percentage would be lower.

For folks who are fortunate enough to own undamaged 10 or 20 coronas, figure additional value over and above the price of gold. Here are some typical added values:

circulated coin: BV + $20 US dollars
fully uncirculated: BV + $40
10 coronas dated 1892 and 1893 are very rare ~ add at least $1000 to BV for these dates

circulated coin: BV + $30 US dollars added values
fully uncirculated: BV + $60
20 coronas dated 1892, 1899 and 1902 are slightly less common in circulated but well preserved condition ~ add $60 to BV
20 coronas dated 1900, 1901, 1910, 1911, 1912 and 1914 are somewhat rare ~ add about $150 to BV.
20 coronas dated 1909 and 1916 are very rare ~ add at least $1000 to BV

Final note -- some dates of this coin series have a different bust of Franz Joseph. All the same value calculations apply.

Coin: 2207 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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