Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) Duit and Half Duit  1726 to 1804
Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) Duit and Half Duit 1726 to 1804

Impressive coin, Christina. The VOC monogram comes from the Dutch East Indies now part of Indonesia, and the name of the coin is a duit, or half duit, depending on size.

These coins were minted in copper, silver, and gold. We attempt to cover all such coins on this page, but it is a complicated subject.

All these coins have the VOC monogram, but there are several variations of the lion and shield pattern. Some examples are shown on this page, but there are several others. For an exact appraisal, a knowledgable numismatist (dealer or collector) is necessary.

To determine where the coin was minted, one must look at the coat of arms on the reverse side of the coin. The single-lion shield is the Holland coat of arms, the double-lion shield is the Gelderland arms, the shield with wavy lines is the Zeeland arms, and the diagonal shield with lions on both sides is the Utrecht arms.

Below we show typical, approximate catalog values for these coins (in US dollars) when they are in average circulated condition. Worn coins will be worth a lot less, well preserved coins will be worth a lot more. Worn coins of common dates with minor corrosion issues pop up very often on web auctions, usually selling for $1 to $2.

The coin in the picture has average circulated wear, but the corrosion will lower its value as if the wear was more severe. Use our Important Terminology page to understand how to interpret catalog value.

HALF DUITS IN GOLD (18 mm diameter):
1750 - 1793: All are very rare, worth at least $600.

HALF DUITS IN COPPER (18 mm diameter):
1788 - 1790 inscription IN DEO: $15
1749 - 1770 single lion shield: $5
1752 - 1770 shield with diagonal: $10
1770 - 1789 wavy lines in shield: $50

HALF DUITS IN SILVER (18 mm diameter):
1753 - 1794 shield with diagonal: $50

HALF DUITS IN SILVER (27 mm diameter):
1755 - 1763: single lion shield: $50
1789 inscription IN DEO: $150

DUITS IN GOLD (27 mm diameter):
1726 - 1763: All are very rare, worth at least $600.

DUITS IN COPPER (23 mm diameter):
1726 - 1804 single lion shield: $10
1731 - 1732 inscription IN DEO: $40
1741 - 1794 shield between lions: $15
1756 with branches surrounding VOC: $90
1729 - 1792 wavy lines in shield: $10

DUITS IN SILVER (23 mm diameter):
1731 - 1789 inscription IN DEO: $100
1735 - 1763 single lion shield: $30
1742 - 1794 shield between lions: $90
1756 with branches surrounding VOC: $140
1732 - 1788 wavy lines in shield: $150
1731 - 1756 two lion shield (not outside shield): $150

Coin: 2229 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1753 On one side there is a V, with appears to be an O and a C. O seems to be overlapping the V and the C appears to be on the underside. There are numbers on the bottm 1753 possibly 1253. On the other side there is some kind of family or royal crest.
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