Token ~ Jeton: US President and Medals
Token ~ Jeton: US President and Medals

Coin-like objects that cover myriads of interesting topics but are not official currency are usually classified as medals or tokens. There is enough of a following of these items that a separate branch of collecting has been named for it: exonumia.

One of the most popular topics in exonumia is US Presidents. There have been oodles of presidential medals issued over the years, and that is probably what you have, wlmrfair.

Placing values on exonumia is a tricky business. Check our Terminology page for evaluating properties such as wear, damamge, and eye appeal. These apply to exonumia, just like coins. However, there are relatively few catalogs or other reference material readily available.

The best bet is to go online and search for each item, perhaps finding it for sale on eBay or similar web site. Typical prices range from $1 or $2 US dollars to a few tens of US dollars.

One of the most popular presidential sets is the Shell Oil game set issued in the 1960s by the oil company itself. Individual medals were passed out at gas stations and avid collectors poked them into cardboard holders. Do a search on 'Shell Oil President Coins' and you will be surprised to see many for sale. They usually run between $2 and $5 per medal, as long as the piece is in good condition.

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Requested by: wlmrfair, Sun, 13-Dec-2009 12:47:07 GMT
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Requester description: 1792 Has Washington President on upper front with 1792 on bottom. Back has spread eagle there are twelve stars or dots above the eagle. Smooth on outer edge. Looks silverish in color.
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