Canada 5 Dollars  1912 to 1914
Canada 5 Dollars 1912 to 1914

These old gold coins from Canada contain 0.242 troy ounces of the precious metal. There were plenty of these coins minted and supply meets demand. So the value comes from the gold content.

You can look at to find the current value of gold. With the weak US dollar at the moment, it is worth $1290 per ounce. Therefore the value of your coin is 0.242 x 1290 = $310 US dollars. Use the Kitco web site to look up the current value of gold. It changes every day.

If you have a coin in absolutely, fully uncirculated condition, which has been stored properly, such as in a coin album, plastic holder or cardboard flip, you can add $150 to the gold value of the coin.

The 1914 has the lowest mintage of only just above thirty thousand. Compare this number to the over 165,000 that were minted of the 1912 date. If you have one of these coins dated 1914, it need only be in well preserved condition in order to qualify for the $150 premium above the gold value.

A 1914 coin in fully uncirculated condition catalogs at $600 above the gold value, and specimens in immaculate condition have sold at professional auctions at prices up to $3000!

Coin: 2322 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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