Russia Denga (1/2 Kopek)  1700 to 1754
Russia Denga (1/2 Kopek) 1700 to 1754

It sounds like you have an old denga, one-half kopek coin from Imperial Russia. Most of these that you see are like your specimen -- worn, corroded, and generally illegible. Only when they become readable do they start to pick up value.

There are many varieties, but the 1700 to 1754 coins all have the double headed eagle and 'AE' 'HrA' lettering which, of course, are in the Russian language.

Catalog values hover around the $5 to $20 US dollar mark for worn coins. When the condition improves to that of our picture, the catalog values go up as follows:

1700 to 1704: $80
1705 to 1717: $60
1730 to 1741: $25
1743 to 1754: $40

These values double when the condition gets better than our picture.

Remember these are catalog values and must be interpreted as such. See our Important Terminology page for an explanation.

Coin: 2346 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
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Requester description: 1749 First side has a double headed eagle on the front, with a crown inbetween the heads. The back of the coin has some random design, the date 1749 and the letters AE over letters HrA (could be Greek letters?) the date is directly under the second set of letters.
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