US Large Cent Draped Bust  1796 to 1807
US Large Cent Draped Bust 1796 to 1807

Great coin, Peter.

Most collectors prefer well preserved, low wear coins for their collections. Some insist on fully uncirculated specimens, most are willing to put up with a little wear.

But not for these beauties!

Finding an old Draped Bust Large Cent, even in well worn condition, is a joy for most collectors of US coinage. And the prices reflect this fact.

Look at our picture marked VG and VF. Do you see the difference in the amount of detail in the pattern? Miss Liberty's hair is much more pronounced in the VF coin than the VG coin.

That small difference in wear makes a big difference in catalog value.

VG = Very Good
VF = Very Fine

Typical catalog values for old cents like your range like this:

Condition worse than VG: $30 US dollars
Condition about VG: $100 to $150
Condition about VF: $300 to $500
Condition better than VF: $1000+

There is plenty of variability in these catalog values because there are many different varieties of each coin. We can only give you a ballpark number here.

Two final things: (1) these are catalog values, and (2) these are for coins without any damage. For a discussion of these two important issues, go to our Terminology page. And, for sure:


Coin: 2460 , Genre: United States
Requested by: Peter, Tue, 29-Dec-2009 17:27:33 GMT
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Requester description: 1806 Draped Bust Liberty Coin but with no stars on the outside. Words and letters readable with effort. Inscription on Front: Liberty, 1806; On back: United States of America, One Cent. Devices: Draped bust on front, wheat wreath on back.
Tags: cent draped drapery peny cents pennys pennies penny curtains drapped drape curtain drapes liberty stars star letters monogram inscription united america one wheat wreath starrs script letter monograms initial scripts initals calligraphy caligraphy inscriptions lettering scrip lettered initials amero americas american ameria ameri amirica amerique americana amer americans usa ones wheatie wheats wreathed rief reif reef wreathe wreat garland wreth wreah wreaths 100


I have a question about my 1807 United states one cent coin under the 7 it looks like there's a 6 what's does thAt mean i - Dessie
You have what is known as the 1807/6 over date. The die from the year 1806 was (for some coins) reused for the year 1807, but the numeral 6 is still faintly visible underneath. There are two different varieties of this overdate - one is known as the '1807/6 large 7' variety and is somewhat common, though still valuable, and catalogs at $725 US dollars in average circulated condition. The other variety simply known as '1807/6' is very rare and catalogs at $28,500 in average circulated condition. It would be wise to seek out a local coin shop where a professional numismatist can take a look at your coin through a magnifying glass. We would love to help you finding your variety, but looking at pictures on the Web has its limitations sometimes. We sure hope you have the rare variety! - CoinQuest (Chris)

What is the difference between 1807/6 large 7 and the 1807/6?
The obvious answer is that the 7 on one variety is larger than the 7 on the other variety. Now, if you just have one coin, you will need something to compare with! CoinQuest does not have an image of an 1807/6 large 7 cent, but you can view one on this page (click here) hosted on the amazing website That image also wonderfully displays the overdate, as a '6' is clearly visible under the large '7'! - CoinQuest (Chris)





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