Morocco 5 Dirhams and 10 Dirhams (AH1315)  1897 to 1900
Morocco 5 Dirhams and 10 Dirhams (AH1315) 1897 to 1900

Chris sent us this picture of his Moroccan coin. This pattern was used between 1315 and 1318AH, where AH means Hejira, a Muslim dating system. Because AH dates start when Mohammed was alive, around 600AD, and because they use 354 days in a year, they seem old to Western minds. In fact, 1315AH is equivalent to 1897AD. Old, but not 1300s old.

Chris has a 5 dirhams piece. The 10 dirhams looks similar, but is bigger:

5 dirhams: 33 mm diameter, 0.391 troy ounces silver
10 dirhams: 39 mm diameter, 0.843 ounces silver

Catalog values for these coins are not too shabby. The 10 dirhams has very low mintage and starts around $150 US dollars in worn condition, rising to $500 in fully uncirculated condition. All dates of the 5 dirhams run about $20 worn and $200 uncirculated. Chris's coin would have a catalog value between these two, probably $70 or so, since it is reported as well preserved with an attractive eye appeal.

Actual values are less than catalog values. To learn how to relate actual to catalog values, please view our Terminology page.

Coin: 2515 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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