France 5 Francs  1852
France 5 Francs 1852

This coin with this pattern was only produced in 1852, so coin collectors call it a 'one year type' coin. One year types tend to be a little more valuable because collectors who want to complete a set of French 5 franc coins have no flexibility when it comes to date.

The catalogs call out values of $20 US dollars for this coin in worn condition, $35 in average circulated condition, and $100 in well preserved condition. Uncirculated coins can reach catalog values of $400 with great eye appeal. Use our Important Terminology link to relate these catalog values to actual values when you buy or sell this coin.

If your coin had a BB on the reverse as a mint mark, its value would soar into the 1000s of US dollars. Be careful, though. 1852BB francs are heavily counterfeited.

There is a twist with these coins. Do you see the tiny signature under the emperor's bust? On the large majority of coins, the signature will read BARRE. However, on about one in four thousand coins, the signature will read 'J.J.BARRE'. These J.J.-coins are worth a lot more than their common counterparts. Catalog values start at $600 for average circulated coins, and reach $2500 for fully uncirculated specimens. Get out your magnifying glass and check that signature!

Coin: 2564 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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