Switzerland 5, 10, and 20 Rappen  1879 to Date
Switzerland 5, 10, and 20 Rappen 1879 to Date

Just about all of Swiss 5, 10, and 20 rappen coins are minted in copper nickel. The one in our picture is special ~~ it is minted in brass. Copper nickel coins are lighter in color, but the pattern is the same. Some coins were also minted in aluminum brass, which takes on a golden color.

These long-running series have a few special dates, but most are worth less than $1 US dollar in average circulated condition. Here is a run-down on these three coin series. Values shown are for coins in well preserved condition, like our picture. If your coin is not a nice as the picture, it will be worth substantially less. If your coin is fully, absoluately uncirculated, then it will be worth about twice these values:

after 1960: less than $1 US dollar in well preserved condition
1906 to 1959: $5 catalog value, well preserved
1879 to 1905: $15 catalog value
coins dated 1887: $150
coins dated 1889: $150
coins dated 1918 in brass: $40

after 1944: less than $1 US dollar in well preserved condition
1906 to 1943: $3 catalog value, well preserved
1879 to 1905: $12 catalog value
coins dated 1879: $35
coins dated 1896: very rare, value not known
coins dated 1897: $35
coins dated 1898: $35
coins dated 1899: $35
coins dated 1915: $15
coins dated 1918 in brass: $50
coins dated 1919 in brass: $100

after 1928: less than $1 US dollar in well preserved condition
1900 to 1927: $10 catalog value, well preserved
1881 to 1899: $12 catalog value
coins dated 1887: $35
coins dated 1927: $15

You don't see fully uncirculated coins very much. They are, by definition, in someone's coin collection. Otherwise they would be circulated. Also, you must use our Important Terminology page to undertsand what the 'catalog values' quote above mean.

About 'Helvetica' from Wikipedia: The area occupied by the Helvetii, the namesakes of the later Confoederatio Helvetica, first became part of Rome's Gallia Belgica province and then of its Germania Superior province, while the eastern portion of modern Switzerland was integrated into the Roman province of Raetia.

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Thanks for great information and now I know what to do with my coins. Joe from Glen Mills PA - Joe Sheldon

this was the best website yet Ive been searching the web for so long but this one helped me the best thank you
- kornomalos
Thanks! - CoinQuest

What a great site with good information thank you - nicky tipping
Thanks for visiting us! We love coins and are motivated by visitors who wish to learn more about them. - CoinQuest (Todd)

being an old numismatist I always relish on odd coin given back in change at a retail store. this morning I found a coin that I just knew had some value only because of its date and condition. My specialty has always been US coins but this one thanks to your site told me quickly that it was a Swiss 20 Rappen! it isn't worth very much but it sure was fun thinking it just may be one of those one in a million finds! Thank you! - Joe in Ponte Vedra, FL

I received a 10 rappen coin dated 1945 in change but there is a small hole drilled through it. - Graham Pugh
The hole renders the coin of no value. Collectors will not buy holed coins. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a 1982 10 with an error in the confoederatio the e an the o are jointed together. Is it worth any thing - Angie
It is normal for the vowels to be so joined. No extra value. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a 1895 silver 10 cent coin. I did not see it on the chart. Can you help me? Thanks for posting this information. - Kolekcionar
1879 to 1905: $12 catalog value well preserved
- CoinQuest (Paul)

Thanks coinquest.M coin is valued 150 US dolars! - Linda
Alright! Glad to hear it. - CoinQuest (Todd)

i work retail and got a 20 rappen coin as a 5 cent coin it's dated 1992 how much is it worth? - Beto
read the page - CoinQuest (Paul)

My daughter just came back from Switzerland with a 10 rappen coin dated 1944 . . . I thought it must be made of silver! Either way, it was fun to find something so olde still in circulation.

P.S. - very cool site! Thank you for sharing your love of coins! - Diane Souch
Thanks for visiting! And I agree, it's always exciting to find old coins. I find myself wondering where they've been and what they were used for over the years. - CoinQuest (Todd)

I found a 1953 confederation Helvetica and in back is 20..was wondering if it's silver and the worth of it
It's copper-nickel. The values are listed above. - CoinQuest (Todd)





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