France 10 Francs  1929 to 1949
France 10 Francs 1929 to 1949

Pretty coin. The French government issued these coins from 1929 through 1953, but changed there size and composition over the years as follows:

1929 through 1939: silver, about 28 mm diamter
1945 through 1949: copper-nickel, about 26 mm diameter
1950 through 1959: aluminum-bronze, about 20 mm diameter

Only a few specific dates are valuable. All other dates, like the 1948 coin inquired about, are worth less than one US dollar in worn condition, and less than $10 in fully uncirculated condition.

Here are the *good dates and mint marks* with their catalog values quoted for average circulated condition:

1937: $150
1945: $35
1946B: $55
1947B: $10

Use our Important Terminology link to properly interpret these catalog values.

Coin: 2811 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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