Germany (West) Commemorative 5 and 10 Mark  1952 to 2001
Germany (West) Commemorative 5 and 10 Mark 1952 to 2001

Yo, Boodog -- BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND (the Federal Republic of Germany, or West Germany) started issuing silver commemorative 5 mark coins in 1952 and commemorative 10 mark coins in 1972. They are particularly valuable before 1966 and of low value after.

Germany issued normal, non-commemorative, 5 mark coins at the same time these commemoratives were issued. To see our page on these coins, click this link.

Likewise DEUTSCHE DEMOKRATISCHE REPUBLIK (East Germany) produced many different commemorative 5, 10, and 20 mark coins, summarized on this CoinQuest page.

The minimum value of a silver coin is called its Base Value (BV), sometimes called melt value. To find BV of commemorative 5 and 10 mark coins, get the current value of silver from a web site like and multiply by the weight of silver in the coin:

5 MARK: 0.225 troy ounces of silver
10 MARK: 0.311 troy ounces of silver

Here are catalog values for 5 mark coins in well preserved condition. Most coins have lettering on the edge. The ones with no lettering (plain edge) are often valuable.

1952 Numberg: $700
1955 von Schiller: $450
1955 von Baden: $400
1957 von Eichendorff: $400
1964 Gottlief Fichte: $75
1964 Gottlief Fichte (with plain edge): $500
1966 Leibniz: BV
1966 Leibniz (with plain edge): $400
1967 von Humboldt: BV
1967 von Humboldt (with plain edge): $400
1968 Raiffeisen: BV
1968 Guttenberg: BV
1968 Pettenkofer: BV
1968 Pettenkofer (with plain edge): $300
1969 Fontain: BV
1969 Fontain (with plain edge): $150
1969 Mercator: BV
1969 Mercator (with plain edge): $450
1969 Mercator (with lettered edge Einigkeit, not Terrae): $1000
1970 van Beethoven: BV
1971 dem deutschen volke: BV
1971 dem deutschen volke (with plain edge): $100
1971 Durer: BV
1973 Copernicus: BV
1973 Frankfurt parliament: BV
1974 Jahre grundgesetz: BV
1974 Kant: BV
1975 Ebert: BV
1975 Denkmalschutziahr: BV
1975 Schweitzer: BV
1976 Grimmelshausen: BV
1977 Gauss: BV
1977 Kleist: BV
1978 Stresemann: BV
1978 Neumann; BV
1979 Archaeological institute: BV
1979 Hahn (must be silver with ERSTE SPALTUNG on edge): $20000
1980 to 1986: these coins are minted in copper-nickel, value is low

Ten mark coins run as follows:

1972 Munich Olympics (many varieties, click to this CoinQuest link)
1987 Berlin 1237 to 1987: BV
1987 Europaische gemeinschaft: BV
1988 Schopenhauer: BV
1988 Zeiss: BV
1989 Hamburg: BV
1989 Bonn: BF
1989 Bundesrepublik 1949 to 1989: BV
1990 Barbarossa: BV
1990 Teutonic Order: BV
1991 Brandenburge: BV
1992 Kolwitz: BV
1992 Pour le Merite: BV
1993 Potsdam: BV
1993 Koch: BV
1994 Widerstand: BV
1994 Herder: BV
1995 Frieden und Versohnung: BV
1995 Lion: BV
1995 Rontgen: BV
1996 Kolpingwerk; BV
1997 Melanchthon: BV
1997 Heine: BV
1997 Diesel engine: BV
1998 Westfalische: BV
1998 von Bingen: BV
1998 Franckesche: BV
1998 Deutsche mark: BV
1999 50 Jahre Grundgesetz: BV
1999 Goethe: bv
1999 Kinderdorfer: BV
2000 Expo: BV
2000 10 Jahre einheit: BV
2000 Bach: BV
2001 Lortzing: BV
2001 50 constitution: BV

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