Austria 5 Corona  1908
Austria 5 Corona 1908

Sure enough. The woman must be running to congratulate King Franz Joeseph I (FRANC IOS I) on his 60th year of reign (1948 to 1908). He went on to rule Austria until 1916. That is a long career by any standard!

These coins carry a silver weight of 0.695 troy ounces, so that is its minimum worth (use to look up the current price of silver). On top of that there is a small numismatic value that depends on condition. To get an approximate retail price for you coin, add:

worn: add $2 US dollars
average circulated: add $10
well preserved: add $30
fully uncirculated: add $80

For example, suppose the price of silver is $15 US dollars per troy ounce. The base value of your coin would be 0.695 x $15 = $10. In worn condition, add $2, or $12 total, as an approximate retail price. The coin in our picture is average circulated, so the retail would be about $20. That's how much a collector might be willing to pay. If you wanted to sell this coin to a dealer, he or she would pay about one half the retail price. The margin goes to keeping the dealership afloat.

Coin: 2993 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1848 On one side the coin has a lady running wearing a dress. There says: DVODECIM LVSTRIS - 1848 1908 GLORIOSE PERACTIS and 5COR. On the other side there is a man with a great moustache, looking to the right. And says: FRANC IOS I D G IMP AVSTR REX BOH GAL ILL ETC ET AP REX HVNG.
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