Sweden 1 Krona and 2 Kronor  1910 to 1942
Sweden 1 Krona and 2 Kronor 1910 to 1942

Pretty coin, Sam. Sweden issued these nice silver coins in 1 krona and 2 kronor denominations starting in 1910. Both denominations are slightly valuable, and they are especially difficult to find in high grade (i.e., little wear). If your coin looks as good as the one in our picture, you are doing well. It is in average circulated condition.

These coins contain silver and therefore gain value from precious metal alone:

1 KRONA: 0.19 troy ounces silver
2 KRONOR: 0.38 ounces

Multiply these weights by the current value of silver found at web sites such as Look it up. It changes every day.

Here are some typical catalog values:

worn: $8
average circulated: $10
well preserved: $30
fully uncirculated: $100
After 1926, divide these numbers by five
After 1942, divide these numbers by ten

worn: $10
average circulated: $18
well preserved: $60
fully uncirculated: $250
After 1922 divide these numbers by three
After 1932 divide these numbers by five

Use our Important Terminology page to understand what 'catalog value' means.

If you have a 1 krona dated 1942, there is a rare variety that is worth about $75 in average circulated condition. Seek out a knowledgeable collector or coin dealer to find details of the variety.

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I have found a 1939 G Konung 2Kr in what I believe to be well preserved condition (much better tan the one pictured). I would like to send a picture. I also have a 1943 Helvetia 2Fr in similar condition. - Jay
Jay -- You can send pics by e-mail. To establish e-mail contact, press the 'Contact' button at the top of the home page. - CoinQuest (Paul)





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