Medal: Germany Hitler  1933
Medal: Germany Hitler 1933

Considering the egos involved, it is surprising that no circulating coin of Hitler's Third Reich (third German Empire) actually bore the image of the brutal leader. One interesting gold 100 reichsmark coin is shown at this CoinQuest link, but it is only a pattern coin used in tests, never in circulation.

The egos came shining through, however, when it came to military medals. That is what you have, Douglas, a Hitler Medallion that depicts his rise to power in Germany.

The phrase on the medallion 'ein volk, ein reich, ein fuhrer' means 'one people, one empire, one leader.' It was a slogan for the Nazi movement, and still is.

Numismatist Dear Parr of the World Internet Numismatic Society compiled a list of the meaning of the 1933 dates that surround the swastik and eagle.

30 January: Adolf Hitler sworn as Chancellor

6 March: the Nazi party increased its share of the vote to 43.9 percent, not an absolute majority

21 March: the 'Day of Potsdam' was staged to demonstrate unity between the revolutionary Nazi movement and the virtues of old Prussia

November 12: the first election without opposition; voters were presented only with Nazi candidates

From Chancellor to dictator in only 10 months!

There were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Nazi medals struck, and these are collected today. Several web sites are run by dealers in this material, including Wittman Militaria and NSDAPUniforms.

You can find these medals for sale in the range of $150 to $300, depending on condition.

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