Australia Penny and Half Penny  1911 to 1939
Australia Penny and Half Penny 1911 to 1939

Australia issued these coppers from 1911 to 1939. After that, kangaroos appear on the back of penny and half penny coins.

Most of the pre-39 pennies and half pennies are low in value. Below is a list of approximate catalog values for just about all the dates in the penny and half penny series. Special *better date* coins appear on this page after the common date values.

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $5
well preserved: $30
fully uncirculated: $200

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $2
well preserved: $15
fully uncirculated: $100

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $5
well preserved: $25
fully uncirculated: $200

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $2
well preserved: $10
fully uncirculated: $100

Use our Important Terminology page to gain an understanding of what 'catalog value' means. It is a weasel word.

While the catalog values above apply to most every coin you see, there are a few better dates that rise to decent values. Here is a list of the good dates with approximate values for coins in average circulated condition. If your coin does not appear in the list below it is a common date coin, use the lists above for value.

1914: $15
1915H: $75 (must have H mint mark)
1918: $20
1923: $3000
1924: $12

1914: $10
1915: $10
1918: $10
1920: $10
1925: $200
1930: $10000


If you are really interested in these coins, you must get a good coin catalog or do specific research on the web to understand several nuances about these coins. A few dates have varieties that send value way up. For instance, a normal 1919 penny is worth about $3 in average circulated condition. But, if a 1919 penny has two dots, one above and one below the scroll, its value goes up to $125. That's not bad for a couple of almost-invisible dots. CoinQuest does not address varieties. That's a job for a good coin catalog.

Look, also, at the picture on the left. Someone tried to make a circulated coin look uncirculated by cleaning it with chemicals. Not only can you plainly see the wear on the coin, the chemicals have given it a hiddeous color. The value of that coin is down to zero. Knowledgable collectors will not buy cleaned coins.

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I have had a 1933 one penny and a 1966 penny for awhile but they are marked are you aloud to wipe with clean rag - Trent
Cleaning coins is never a good idea. If the cleaning leaves indications, such as faint scratch marks or surface discoloration, knowledgeable collectors will not buy the coin, sending the coin's value to zero. If you think the coin might look better with a cleaning, use soap, warm water, and a non-abrasive cloth, nothing more. Even with that precaution, some collectors will shun the coin because the surfaces look un-natural. For dirty coins of very high value, there are professional, museum quality services that will clean coins for a fee. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a Uncirculated 1924 penny how much is it worth? - Margy
Please read the page above. - CoinQuest (Paul)

Hi, I have numerous sets of Australian coins, going to narrow my question down to the pennies/half pennies in consecutive order, half penny - from 1909 to 1964. penny from 1915 to 1964. What are they worth in VG condition as sets? only coin missing is the 1930 penny. thank you - Glenda Compton
Please use the Search function on this web site. Press the 'Search' button. If you cannot find your coin, submit a free appraisal request and we will add the coin to the site. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a half penny dated dated 1895, is there any value to it? - Kayli
Australia did not mint half pennies in 1895. Look on this web site for the half penny you have. If you cannot find it, submit a free appraisal request for it. - CoinQuest (Andrei)

Hi I was just wondering how much a 1947m australian penny with a double date would be worth in circulated condition. - Keira
Use the 'Search' button to find your coin. I am not familiar with any official doubled date versions of this coin. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a one penny 1938 georgIVs VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX F:D:IND:IMR
wT would the value be - Karla
please read the page - CoinQuest (Paul)

Hi, I'm Karla in Nc, USA and I have a 1915 austral ian one penny and I'm trying to get more precise info on the possible worth when defining what/where the 'one dot, or two dot' difference. The info I've seen so far is a huge discrepancy difference and if I sale it, I need more info on what the difference will look like. Thanks, Karla - Sam
Hi Karla -- We added a picture of one of the almost-invisible dots. However, according to NGC Coin [Press Here], the 1915 penny has no varieties with or without dots. Other dates have such varieties, but not 1915. More important the the 'dots' is the grade, or condition, of your coin. On these coins there is strong dependency of price on grade. You must find knowledgeable collectors to evaluate your coin. In-person evaluation is best. Online you can find good coin discussions at sites such as World of Coins [Press Here]. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a 1926 Australian penny here just wondering how to tell the difference between circulated and uncirculated and also the up to date price for both. - matty
An uncirculated coin shows no wear, damage, or excessive contact marks and has original mint luster. - CoinQuest (Todd)

I have A 1911 Australian penny which has not been cleaned, I was wondering if there was any value too it? - Mark
Hey Mark, check out the third paragraph. It depends on what condition your coin is in -- but yes, it does have some value. - CoinQuest (Todd)

I have a 1932 half-penny, very worn but still in good condition. Wondering if that is worth anything? - Gwen
Catalog values aside, it does have some value but it would be difficult to profit from a very worn, common date coin. A look at recent auction listings shows that your coin is selling for $5 or so in much better condition than what you've described. - CoinQuest (Todd)






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