France 20 and 50 Francs  1950 to 1958
France 20 and 50 Francs 1950 to 1958

In the old days, before 1950, French 20 and 50 franc coins were minted in gold. Nice! But they later switched to aluminum-bronze. The 20 and 50 franc coins look the same except, of course, for the big 20 or 50 on the back side. The values below are for most (common) dates:

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1
well preserved: $3
fully uncirculated: $10

There are a few *good dates* in these series. Some dates are dependent on the mint mark to be valuable. The mint mark, when present, is located just below the date. The catalog values below are for coins in well preserved condition:

20 francs dated 1954B: $250
50 francs dated 1950: $225
50 francs dated 1950B: $4000
50 francs dated 1954: $65
50 francs dated 1954B: $12
50 francs dated 1958: $85

Use our Terminology page to convert these catalog values to actual buy and sell values.

Coin: 3815 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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