US Susan B Anthony Dollar  1979 to 1999
US Susan B Anthony Dollar 1979 to 1999

Susan B. Anthony dollars were issued from 1979 to 1999, but they never really caught on as an alternative to the dollar bill. They are a modern coins and they are worth face value, i.e., one US dollar. If you have a fully uncirculated specimen, a coin collector might be willing to pay a few dollars to add it to his or her collection.

Lucille, what you call an out-of-place hair is a scratch, not an acknowledged minting variety.

Now, if you are inclined toward coin collecting, you will be intrigued by the barely noticable minting variety on 1979 SBA dollars. Only the 1979's have it, so don't seek out other dates.

Look at our close-up picture with the dark red background. The two coins are obviously different. The coin on the left is a proof coin, struck specially by the mint for collectors. You can see how much prettier it is than a standard business strike on the right.

The yellow arrows point out the minting variety. Use your calibrated eyeball to measure the distance between the bottom of the numerals in the date and the slanted tops of the rim of the coin. In our example, that distance is much smaller on the business strike (at right) than on the proof coin (at left).

In our picture the difference is evident. On an actual coin, you will need a magnifier to properly discern it.

It turns out that 1979 SBAs with the small distance (i.e., wide rim, near date) carry a small collector premium. If you have one in uncirculated condition, a collector might pay $10 to $20 for your $1 coin. Now that's pretty cool. Hope you have a whole roll of them!

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