US Washington Piece  1783 to 1795
US Washington Piece 1783 to 1795

America's first legal tender coinage was issued in 1792. Before, during, and after the American Revolution of 1776, various coins were issued and used in commerce. These colonial coins are all very rare and highly sought by collectors. One of the favorite themes of many early coins was the father of the US, George Washington.

The coin in the picture is from respected eBay seller OldWestGold and it is a wonderful coin in superb numismatic (coin collector) condition. Its value easily exceeds $1000, and many collectors would pay twice that amount to own it. Further, this specific coin has been authenticated and graded by PCGS, the most popular coin service in the world. This means the coin is guaranteed genuine, which is important because many Washington pieces are replicas or counterfeits.

CoinQuest thanks OldWestGold for use of their coin photo. It's a beauty!

There are several different designs of Washington pieces, and they are minted in both copper and silver. Specific values vary quite a bit, but general rules of thumb for catalog values are:

worn: $100 to $200 US dollars catalog value
average circulated: $200 to $400
well preserved: $400 to $1000
fully uncirculated (like OldWestGold's coin): $1000

These are catalog values. Be sure to check our Terminology page for a detailed explanation about how to properly interpret catalog values.

Coin: 3976 , Genre: United States
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