Sweden 10 Ore  1855 to 1873
Sweden 10 Ore 1855 to 1873

King Carl replaced King Oscar in 1861, but otherwise this small silver coin looks the same between 1855 and 1873. Collector value is higher than usual on this small coin, with normal catalog values as follows:

worn: $6 US dollars catalog value
average circulated: $14
well preserved: $38
fully uncirculated: $80

Coins dated 1871 are common and worth about half of the values above.

Coins dated 1872 and 1873 are worth about twice as much as the values quoted above.

An 1862-dated coin wins the prize for top value, tipping the scales at $500 catalog value in average circulated condition, reaching $1400 when fully uncirculated.

These are catalog values. Actual values will be lower, as explained in detail on our Terminology page.

Coin: 4024 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1857 OSCAR SVERIGES NORR. G. O. V. KONUNG 10 ORE S. 1857 T. FACE ON FRONT AND IVY ON BACK
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