Great Britain 25 New Pence (Silver Jubilee)  1977
Great Britain 25 New Pence (Silver Jubilee) 1977

On the 25th anniversary of her reign, Queen Elizabeth issued this coin with the denomination 25 new pence. She looks very sporty on that horse, I'd say.

Most of these were issued in copper nickel and are worth a few US dollars to collectors if they are in good shape. A total of 377,000 coins were issued in proof silver, like our picture, and these retail around the $25 mark, maybe more or less as the price of silver goes up and down.

The silver proofs contain 0.841 troy ounces of silver, so multiply the current price of silver by 0.841 to find the coin's value today. If, for example, silver is selling at $20 US dollars per troy ounce (look it up on, then the coin's value is 0.841 x 20 = $16.80.

Be sure you have a SILVER proof coin. Somtimes shysters plate the copper-nickel coins to make them look like silver or gold. A jeweler can tell for sure.

Remember, also, that selling coins to coin dealers requires that you pay a markup. A dealer might pay $10 for a coin that retails for $20. The markup is necessary to keep the dealership solvent.

Coin: 4181 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1977 Elizabeth II DG.REG FD 1977 branch with leaves on both sides of the year. Main depiction of queen of england on horseback. Reverse side depiction crown uppermost .centre has circle with bird with open wings inside. All this surrounded up to crown with branches, leaves and flowers. Silver coin. 5cm diameter. In sleeve protector.
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