US Barber Quarter  1892 to 1916
US Barber Quarter 1892 to 1916

You've got a nice Barber quarter dollar, named after its designer Charles Barber. Catalog values for 'common date' Barber quarters run as follows (see below for the 'better dates'):

worn: $12 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $45
well preserved: $80
fully uncirculated: $350

Find out what 'catalog' means by reading the Terminology page on this web site.

So you see that coins without too much wear are worth substantially more than coins with lots of wear.

Coin collectors use the word 'good' to indicate a coin that is heavily worn, but not worn too much. It must qualify as a worthy collectible piece to rate the grade of good. Most coin collectors insist that all coins in their collection carry a minimum grade of good, or G-4. But they also define three more grades below G-4:

About Good, AG-3
Fair, FR-2
Poor, PO-1

Most Barber quarters that are still around grade below G-4. They have been worn to a frazzle. If your coin grades PO-1 or FR-2, it is worth a few dollars. Get the picture?

Here are the key dates and mint marks in the Barber quarter series. If you have one of these, it is worth much more than the 'common date' quarters which carry the values listed above. In the list below, the catalog values to the right of the date and mint mark below are for coins in average circulated condition. Value will be significantly less if the coin is heavily worn.

1896S: $1000 approximate catalog value in average circulated
1901S: $6000
1913S: $2500

The semi-key dates and mint marks are worth a few 10s of dollars in average circulated condition, rising to a few 100s of dollars in almost uncirculated condition:

1892S: $80 approximate catalog value in average circulated
1893S: $80
1895S: $80
1896O: $80
1897O: $80
1897S: $220
1901O: $220
1914S: $220

Check to see if you have any of these. All other dates are worth subtantially less, as outlined in the 'common date' listing at the top of this page.

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