Canada Commemorative Silver Dollars  1935 to 1994
Canada Commemorative Silver Dollars 1935 to 1994

Canada has issued many nice silver dollars over recent years. Just about all of them are worth their weight in silver. Some specimens, if in very nice condition or issued as proof coins and carefully preserved, command small premiums higher than the raw silver content.

Check this link for modern Canadian coins with face values greater than $1 Canadian.

Here are the general rules for Canadian silver dollars:

1. Coins dated before 1950 have decent collector premiums over raw silver (more info below).

2. Coins before 1968 are made of 0.6 troy ounces of silver, so multiply the current value of silver by 0.6 to get the value of the coin

3. Coins dated 1970, 1971 are made of nickel and are worth a few US dollars

4. Coins dated 1973 have silver and non-precious versions. The silver version has a horse and rider and the non-precious version has a building.

5. Coins after 1971 and before 1991 are made of 0.375 troy ounces of silver

6. Coins after 1991 are made of 0.7 troy ounces of silver

Use a web site such as to find the current value of silver. Multiply the silver value by the troy ounce weight to get the value of the coin. For instance, if you have a 1955 Canadian dollar, it contains 0.6 troy ounces of silver. If silver is selling at $18.50 US dollars per troy ounce, your 1955 dollar is worth 0.6 x 18.50 = $11.10 US dollars.

We have separate appraisal pages for these coins:

-- Voyageur dollars 1935 to 1987

-- 1939 Commemorative dollar

-- 1958 Commemorative dollar

-- Loonies (Loon dollars)

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