Medal: US Hawaii Kauai Dollar
Medal: US Hawaii Kauai Dollar

These, of course, are not real dollars. They are medallions or tokens issued by Kauai as souvenirs. Some are dated, some are not. If you can find one made of silver, then it is worth its weight in silver. Most are made of non-precious metal and sell retail around the $8 US dollar mark. A novelty dealer may buy a used one from you for $2 and sell it for $5.

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Requester description: Kauai dollar across the top Hawaii on the bottom has a picture of a man in a window with a crown on top with with two dancing figures on each side prince kuhio on the bottom the other side has aloha on the top with a picture of a mountain says the garden isle has a picture of a lagoon and saya sleeping giant with Kauai on the bottom under that chammber of commerce
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I have 2 different coins. One says 'HAWAII DOLLAR' & the other says 'HILO DOLLAR'. Is there a set that they belong to? Are there coins from each of the 8 islands or Hawaii? - C. Merz
Hilo is a town on the Big Island. There are many, many souvenir 'dollars' produced for tourists, but I do not know of a coordinated set as you hypothesize. It would be a good tourist gimic ... 'collect all coins from all islands.' Modern tourist coins are worth small amounts. - CoinQuest (Paul)

How can you tell if silver? THANKS!!!
There are coin collectors who pride themselves in being able to discern silver from other metals. It has a distinctive and soothing 'ring' when struck. Drop your coin gently on a hard surface (from a few inches height) and listen for a ring, rather than a thud. For more normal people, like you and me, a jeweler can tell for sure. If your coin is magnetic, it is not silver. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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