Hungary 10 and 20 Krajczar  1830 to 1868
Hungary 10 and 20 Krajczar 1830 to 1868

These old 10 and 20 krzjczar coins from Hungary are difficult to find in good condition. The older coins are worth more than the newer ones in the series. Nevertheless, the numismatic (coin collector) value is not as high as one might think.

The 10 krajczar coin in our picture comes from Beast Coins in Wisconsin and also at It is in average circulated condition and sells around the $20 mark (US dollars). CoinQuest thanks Beast Coins for use of their coin photo.

Here are some statistics about the series:

10 KRAJCZAR (23 mm diameter)
1837: $260 average circulated catalog value
1837: $850 fully uncirculated
1838: $180 average circulated
1839 to 1846: $30 average circulated
1847 to 1848: $20 average circulated
1868: $60 average circulated

20 KRAJCZAR (26 mm diameter)
1830: $450 average circulted catalog value
1830: $1000 fully uncirculated
1832 to 1835: $50 average circulated
1837 to 1848: $10 average circulated

Use our Terminology page to convert these catalog values to actual values.

Coin: 4465 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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