Germany Bavaria 10 and 20 Mark  1888 to 1913
Germany Bavaria 10 and 20 Mark 1888 to 1913

That's a nice old 10 mark gold coin from the German State of Bavaria. These are highly sought collectibles, especially when they are in uncirculated condition. The 10 and 20 mark coins look the same except for size and denomination marking.

According to, today's gold price is a whopping $1245 US dollars per troy ounce (the dollar is weak these days). The gold content of a 10 mark coin is 0.115 troy ounces, so 0.115 x 1245 = $143 is the minimum value this coin is worth, sometimes called the melt value or the base value. The 20 mark has twice as much gold, so its base value is twice as much: $286.

Coin collectors are generally willing to pay a premium for coins over and above the base value. For the 10 mark this premium hovers around $250 and for the 20 mark it is about $150. There were fewer 10 marks made than 20 marks, and this accounts for the higher premium of the rarer coin.

In summary, if you have a coin in good condition, like the one in our picture or better, and if the price of gold stays high, typical catalog values are:

damaged coin: BV + $0
average circulated: BV + $100
full uncirculated: BV + $200

damaged coin: BV + $0
average circulated: BV + $50
full uncirculated: BV + $100
20 marks dated 1875D are rare, add $1000 for a coin in average circulated condition
20 marks dated 1875D are extremely rare, add $25000 for a coin in average circulated condition


These are catalog prices. A dealer buying your coin will pay about gold value alone, with reduced collector premium.

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Requester description: 1912 A 1912 10 Mark gold coin, one side stamped Otto Koenig V. Bayern.
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