Italy 20 Lire  1927 to 1934
Italy 20 Lire 1927 to 1934

Yo, Bubba -- Congratulations. You have a valuable coin. These 20 lire silver coins from Italy are very rare and therefore command big prices. You have to watch out for counterfeits, of course, because the crooks love to make copies of valuable coins. Have your coin certified by one of these: PCGS, ANACS, NGC, ICG to make sure it is genuine. Look on the Internet for these coin services. Do no use other services.

Here is what the catalogs say about the value of your Italian lire:

worn: $100
average circulated: $150
well preserved: $400
fully uncirculated: $1000

Be sure you understand that actual value will be lower than these inflated catalog value. Our Terminology page explains this.

CoinQuest thanks Munzenhandlung Brom in Berlin for use of their coin photo. It's a beauty!

1927 and 1928 are the least valuable dates in this series of coins with the man and woman design. If you have one of the other dates between 1929 and 1934, they are even more valuable than the numbers cited above.

Coin: 4558 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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I have a 20 lire italian silver 1927 coin. What procedure do i follow to sell the coin.
- wally
Hi Wally -- You have three choices when it comes to selling rare coins. Pick the one that is best for you. You can see the three choices and some detailed discussion on this page [Press Here}. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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