Germany Nazi Donation Token  1932 and 1933
Germany Nazi Donation Token 1932 and 1933

NSDAP is the National Socialist German Worker's Party, or Hitler's Nazi party, and Reichstagswahl means political elections.

Hitler's rise to power was almost immediate. One moment, people were having normal elections and then, within a year, only Nazi party candidates were on the ballot. If you wanted to donate to the Nazi party you could get these tokens minted in various metals. Kampf = fight, schatz = treasure, spende = donation. 'Kapitulieren niemals' means 'Never capitulate.'

These sell around $50 to $200 US dollars today, depending on condition. Well preserved specimens, like the one in our photo from Munzen Versteigerung Informationen, retail around $150. If you were to sell your piece to a coin dealer, figure that he or she would pay about one-half of these retail prices, using the mark-up to keep the dealership solvent.

CoinQuest thanks Auctions Meister and Sonntag in Stuttgart for use of their photo.

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Requester description: 1932 Swastika with saluting hands on obverse. On reverse: NSDAP (swastika) REICHSTAGSWAHL 1932 KAMPF SCHATZ SPENDE KAPITULIEREN NIEMALS!
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