Germany Goslar Taler  1542
Germany Goslar Taler 1542

'Domini Maria Mater' means 'Mary Mother of God' and that is, no doubt, a depiction of Mary with baby Jesus on this old taler coin from the city of Goslar, Germany. The 'moneta civita' inscription is roughly the same as our 'legal tender' today.

If your coin is in beautiful shape, like the one in our picture from Manfred Olding Munzenhandlung in Osnabruck, Germany, it is a valuable coin indeed. Sir Olding sold this coin for about $3000 US dollars. Much of this value comes from the fact that Olding's coin is nicely preserved and has no problems such as cleanings, scratches, dents, and stains.


If you would like to sell your coin you must account for the fact that reputable dealers like Manfred Olding must make a profit to stay in business. So a retail sale of $3000 may have come from buying the coin around the $2000 mark.

CoinQuest thanks Manfred Olding Munzenhandlung for use of their coin image.

Consider contacting Olding or any other reputable coin dealer for more information on your coin. Write to CoinQuest and we will send you our list of preferred Internet dealers.

Congratulations on a great coin!

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