Romania 1 and 2 Lei  1924
Romania 1 and 2 Lei 1924

Well this is a cool coin. It is made of copper-nickel. The coin in our picture comes from respected eBay seller Alee World Coins and it is a real beauty. It is hardly worn, and it has acquired a pleasing blue patina over the years. In such good shape, Alee's coin will command about $20 US dollars catalog value. A coin in average circulated condition will be worth much less, about $5 catalog.

Romania issued both 1 and 2 lei coins in 1924. They look the same except, of course, for the big '1' or '2' on the back. 'Bun Pentru' means 'Good For.'

Both 1 and 2 lei denominations are worth the same as the values quoted above: $5 average circulated, $25 almost uncirculated. Please use our Terminology page to convert catalog values to actual values.

But I have bad news for Rachael. Her coin has a hole and is bent. Collectors will put up with worn coins, but they will not accept damaged coins into their collectors. Rachael's coin is worth zero. Sorry.

Coin: 4825 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
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Requester description: 1924 It says Bun Pentru on the back and there is a shield on the front with two lions with 6 stars that look like astriks (*)
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