Austria 24 Kreuzer  1800
Austria 24 Kreuzer 1800

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Our catalogs indicate that this 24 kreuzer coin from Austria was minted only in 1800. The value is a strong function of condition.

The coin in our picture comes from Munzen Muller in Luneburg, Germany when it is on sale for 195 euros, about $250 US dollars. If your coin is in good shape like Muller's, then $250 is a good retail price. If you were to sell the $250 coin to a reputable dealer like Muller, anticipate receiving about $125 for it. The $125 difference is dealer margin, which is necessary to keep the dealership afloat.

There are three mint marks for these coins, A, B, and C. The B mint mark is the most rare. Here are some typical catalog values for the A and C mint marks:

worn: $40 US dollars catalog value
average circulated: $50
well preserved (like our picture): $200
fully uncirculated: $350

For coins with B mint mark, multiply these values by 1.5

Use our Important Terminology page to understand how catalog values work.

Coin: 5055 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1800 FRONT: 24 kreutzer erblšndisch BACK: FRANZ II ROM.KAI.KON.ZU.HU.U.Bo.ERZH.ZU.OEST.
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