Philippines 5 Centavos  1903 to 1935
Philippines 5 Centavos 1903 to 1935

These coins were minted in copper nickel from 1903 to 1935. Some can be quite valuable, but only in fully uncirculatd condition. Our picture shows an uncirculated coin, even though its surfaces have become tarnished over the years. In fact, attractive tarnishing, called toning by collectors, often adds to the eye appeal of the coin.

Here are some catalog values for Philippines 5 centavos from 1903 to 1935:

worn: $1 US dollars
average circulated: $3
well preserved: $10
fully uncirculated: $120
coins dated 1903 and 1904: divide these values by five
coins dated after 1929: divide these values by two

worn: $15 US dollars
average circulated: $30
well preserved: $100
fully uncirculated: $500

Use our Imporant Terminology page to convert these catalog values to actual values.

Any coin with considerable damage such as heavy scratches, corrosion or a hole will be worth close to zero unless it is a rare date in great condition, in which case an interested collector may be interested in it as a filler. Such a collector would pay a few dollars to add it to his or her collection.

Coin: 5087 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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