France Indo China 2 Sapeque  1887 to 1902
France Indo China 2 Sapeque 1887 to 1902

Until 1954 French Indo China included modern day countries Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Only a few of the coins they issued display Asian characters, and this is one of them, the 2 sapeque denomination. There are 5 sapeques in one cent.

There is a wonderful web site with all sorts of treasures from the region, and CoinQuest thanks for use of their coin image. It is a nice specimen.

Value-wise, the catalogs list the following:

worn: $3 US dollars catalog value
average circulated: $15
well preserved (like our picture): $40
fully uncirculated: $100
Coins dated 1888 are common - divide the values above by 2.
Coins dated 1887 are very common - divide the values above by 3.

These are catalog values and must be properly converted to actual values. To learn how to do this, look at our Terminology page.

There are a few *better date* coins in the series which are worth more than the *common date* coins listed above. The *better dates*, with values quoted for average circulated condition, are:

1892: $130
1893: $100
1898: $130
1900: $30
1902: $20

Coin: 5212 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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