US Illinois Commemorative Half Dollar  1918
US Illinois Commemorative Half Dollar 1918

The United States issued a wonderful assortment of special commemorative half dollars starting in 1892 and running through 1954. They started again in 1982, but the modern commemoratives don't hold a candle to the older ones because the modern designs are full of pet projects and political correctness (that's my opinion of course, not authenticated fact!)

Your 1918 Illinois Centennial half dollar carries catalog values as follows:

well preserved: $100 US dollars
fully uncirculated: $200

Apply the principles found on our Terminology page to convert these catalog values to actual buy and sell values.

Coin: 5247 , Genre: United States
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Requester description: 1918 On front: Centennial of the state of Illinois; In God We Trust; Liberty, along with a profile of Lincoln On Rear: United States of America; E Pluribus Unum and the Illinois State Seal: An eagle carrying a shield and banner reading State, Soveringty, National, Union.
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