Mexico 8 Reales  1823 to 1897
Mexico 8 Reales 1823 to 1897

Hi Deb -- You probably have a well-worn 8 reales coin from the old Republic of Mexico.

These coins contain 0.786 troy ounces of silver. So that sets the minimum value they can attain. For instance, if silver is selling at $18.25 per troy ounce (look it up for today's price at, the minimum price is 0.786 x 18.25 = $14.34.

Coins with the liberty cap and starburst pattern were minted in smaller denominations than 8 reales. In fact, denominations of 1/2, 1, 2, and 4 reales look the same, only smaller. The denomination appears explicitly on the coin in the place where '8R' appears on the 8 reales. Look for '1/2R', '1R', '2R', or '4R' on your coin and, if you have one, click to this appraisal page.

The general progression of catalog values for most dates of the 8 reales goes like this:

worn: $25
average circulated: $50 US dollars catalog value
well preserved: $100
fully uncirculated: $200

worn: $20
average circulated: $28
well preserved: $36
fully uncirculated: $110

but, these old 8 reales from Mexico have a long history. The further back you go, the more valuable they get. There are several variations of this coin and some of them can be quite valuable, cataloging for $100s of US dollars even in worn condition. There is an elaborate system of mint marks and initials. Coins worth $150 or more in worn condition are shown in the list below. Some of these are quite valuable, tipping the scales over $1000 when in uncirculated condition. Worn coins do not reach this high. Check your coin against this list. If you have one of these, investigate further -- it's a good one!

*BETTER DATES* - following values are for coins in average circulated condition:
1823 Mo JM: $300 average circulated
1824 Mo: $135
1824 Do RL: $500
1824 Mo JM with 'REPULICA' instead of 'REPUBLICA': $9000
1824 Go JM: $400
1825 Go JJ: $925
1828 Mo: $70
1831 Ca MR: $1750
1832 Ca MR: $200
1833 Ca MR, 1834 Ca MR and 1834 Ca AM: $550
1833 Mo: $650
1835 Ca AM and 1836 Ca AM: $225
1836 Mo MF: $65
1836 Mo ML: $110
1837 Mo: $75
1837 Ca AM: $1150
1838 Ca AM: $200
1839 Ca RG: $1250
1840 Ca RG: $500
1841 Ca RG: $110
1843, 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50 Ca RG: $75
1847 Mo MF: $3000
1851, 52 and 53 Ca RG: $210
1856 Ca RG: $575
1857 Ca JC: $100
1858 Ca BA: $3500
1858 Ca JC and 1859 Ca JC: $85
1865 Ca FP: $2150
1865 Ca JC: $210
1866 Ca FP: $2000
1866 Ca JC: $1150
1866 Ca JG: $1600
1867 Ca JG and 1868 Ca JG: $175
1868 Ca MM: $125
1877 Ca AV: $210
1880 Ca AV: $350
1880 Ca PM: $800

(There may be more valuable dates out there: trying to list them all here is exhausting. If you have a coin in great condition that is not listed here, just leave a comment and ask about the value!)

If you have one of these, seek out a knowledgeable collector or coin dealer for an in-person appraisal.

Coin: 533 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: deb, Tue, 26-May-2009 02:47:32 GMT
Answered by: Chris, Sun, 12-Jan-2014 00:09:17 GMT
Updated by Chris - Appraisal OK. Be sure to use the current value of silver., Mon, 07-Nov-2016 04:57:18 GMT
Requester description: 1882 date side has what looks like a starburst with the words 'LIBERTAD' in the middle. The other side has a snake and an eagle intertwined near the neck of the eagle.
Tags: mexico 8 reales mex mexicana mexicanos mexio mexicano mexican real reale starburst libertad liberty snake eagle neck burst liberate liberte libertas libertao liberta libertate liberdad libertatis eaglets egals egal eagles eagel rays ray hat cap bird vine star beams radiating radiates beam radiate radiant helmeted hood caps headband hooded helmet bonnet helmit helmets headdress starrs stars hawk falcon serpent cactus ivy asps snakes asp


Hello, I am trying to understand the texts on the coins, May I ask for some info, if its ok with you, - What is that text says about the coin? 8R Zs 1876 J.A. 10Ds 20Gs - thank you
- Manfred
Sir or madam -- It sounds like you are a collector or would make a good one. Your kind of curiosity is a sure-fire indicator that coin collecting is in your blood! 8R = denomination = 8 reales. Zs = mint producing coin = Zacatecas (there are many other mints, e.g., Do Durango, Mo Mexico City, SLP San Luis Potosi, etc.). 1876 = date. JA = assayer's initials = mint official confirming validity of the coin. 10Ds 20Gs = 10 'deniers' or pennyweight + 20 grains = the weight of silver in the coin. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have 8r z 1874 ja 10 d 2
came upon it at work,I would like to learn more about it. - edilberto bautista
This is one of the more common issues of these 8 reales. It's found in the catalogs under the shorter name '1874Zs JA', where the value is reported as about $30 USD when circulated, rising to $100 or above when absolutely, fully uncirculated. - CoinQuest (Chris)

Hello I have a *8R.GA.1843...RG.10s.20Gs. It's in pretty good shape has all the detail still. What do you think it's worth? - Ryan
The 1843GA is listed here as a 'better date' coin. Coin catalogs have detailed listings of each coin by date and mint mark. CoinQuest is not a coin catalog. Go to your library, get a coin catalog, and look up your specific coin. There is easily 1000 times more information in a coin catalog than on CoinQuest. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I've enjoyed reading about your Mexican coin information. I noticed that you have referred to 'Zs' as 'Tecas'. Actually the mint was in Zacatecas, thus the 'Zs'. I live in a village which had a mint in NW Mexico, Alamos, so you will find an 'A' on coins from there. A few in gold, as well as copper in the early 1800's, were minted in Alamos and if any readers have them I might be interested in buying.
Santiago in Alamos - Debbie
Thank you, Santiago. We have fixed the Zs error. - CoinQuest (Paul)

Is it common to find a counterfeit 8R? I found one metal detecting and my machine identified it as silver but I was told it is counterfeit due to it weighing 23.3 grams. A real reale weighs around 27 grams. What do you think?

Jmann - manuel
Heavy wear on a coin can account for some weight loss but 4 grams is a lot, relatively speaking. Because these are very popular coins, there are going to be counterfeits and replicas out there. We'd be happy to take a look at it and offer our opinion! Just CLICK HERE and you'll be able to upload photos for us to check out. - CoinQuest (Todd)






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