Germany Reuss-Schleiz Thaler  1858 to 1862
Germany Reuss-Schleiz Thaler 1858 to 1862

Look at the beautiful coin in this picture. This is the kind of coin that get those collector juices flowing! The picture comes from respected coin dealer Wolfgang Rittig in Schwelm, Germany. It is a valuable coin, since it is in such good shape. There is only faint wear, and no stains, spots, nicks, gouges, cleanings, or other damages. Wolfgang Rittig sold this coin recently for 140 euros, about $180 US dollars. That is an excellent price for such a coin.

Reuss is the old family name of a set of German rulers who, somewhat surprisingly, were all named Heinrich. You can find many old German coins minted by the Reuss family, some as modern as 1884.

Margaret's specific coin is a thaler (vereinsthaler) from Heinrich LXVII. A similar thaler, with similar inscriptions and the lions-shield-crown pattern, comes from Heinrich XIV and is dated 1868.

Here are some approximate catalog values for these coins:

worn: $80 US dollars catalog value
average circulated: $130
well preserved: $220
fully uncirculated: $650

Please refer to our Important Terminology page for an explanation of how to interpret catalog values.

CoinQuest thanks Wolfgang Rittig for use of their coin image. It is a beauty!

Coin: 5346 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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