Medieval Germany Pfalz Friedrich I Weisspfennig  1449 to 1476
Medieval Germany Pfalz Friedrich I Weisspfennig 1449 to 1476

Friedrich reigned in the old German State of Pfalz, called Rhineland-Palatinate today, from 1449 to 1476. Aren't these old medieval coins amazing? You can see the characteristic lion and ship's wheel even today in the coat of arms of Pfalz, and the diamond pattern on the reverse side of the coin continues on many coins from the region as well.

Alyssa sent us this picture of her coin. It is an old weisspfennig with Freidrich I. It is in particularly good condition. Our guess at value is around $250 US dollars, maybe more. Typical catalog values run like this:

worn: $50 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $150
well preserved: $300

If our $250 guess at retail price is correct, and Alyssa wanted to sell her coin to a dealer, the dealer would probably pay around $100, leaving a typical 100 percent margin to keep the dealership solvent.

Coin: 5583 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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