Medal: Germany Bavaria Mannheim Comic  1744 to 1792
Medal: Germany Bavaria Mannheim Comic 1744 to 1792

Alyssa sent us this picture of an old coin or medallion from Germany dated 1744. We have seen similar items dated 1792 and selling for about $50 US dollars. Our estimate of retail value is just that, $50. We have only partial knowledge of this item, and our research has not given any sure conclusions. So our estimate could be off substantially, but I think not.

The lion with Z-bearing shield is the coat of arms of Mannheim, a city in the Palatinate region in the south of Germany. From Wikipedia we learn Charles (Karl Carl) Theodore (Theodor, Theodoro, Theodors), was Prince-Elector, Count Palatine and Duke of Bavaria, born December 11, 1724, died February 16, 1799. He reigned as Prince-Elector and Count Palatine from 1742, as Duke of Jülich and Berg from 1742 and also as Prince-Elector and Duke of Bavaria from 1777. He was a member of the House of Palatinate-Sulzbach, a branch of the House of Wittelsbach.

So both Car Theodoro and Mannheim are on Alyssa's medallion.

But the face of Alyssa's lion looks almost comical, not sophisticated like the lion on this gorgeous gold ducat dated 1792 and issued to celebrate Karl's 50th anniversary as Duke. You can see the entire gold ducat at

Also, on page 573 of Joseph Appel's Repertory for Numismatics of Medieval and Modern times, published in 1828, we see item 2076, described in German:

A. Ein gekronter aufrecht stehender Lowe halt ein Schild mit dem Wapen, aruber steht: STADT MANNHEIM
R. Zwishen zwei Zierathen eine Schrift in 4 Zeilen: HULDIGET CAR THEODORO D 29 APRIL 1744

Which means, roughly

A. A crowned lion standing upright with a sign, MANNHEIM CITY

R. Two ornaments and a work in four lines, JUBILATE CAR THEODORO APRIL 29, 1744

So here's what I am thinking. This is a comic medallion issued early in Theodore's reign and showing his association with the city of Mannheim.

As to value, the gold ducat in our secondary picture recently sold for 1000 euros (about $1300 US dollars) due to its beautiful condition and overall scarcity.

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Requester description: 1744 The medal that I do know the identity of is German (though not sure if it's from one of the states or from the Empire)
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