Germany Brunswick Wolfenbuttel 2 1/2, 5, and 10 Thaler  1742 to 1784
Germany Brunswick Wolfenbuttel 2 1/2, 5, and 10 Thaler 1742 to 1784

Super coin, Klaus! With valuable coins like yours, one must always look out for counterfeits. If yours is a genuine coin from the old German State of Brunswick Wolfenbuttel, it is a valuable one.

The coin in our picture comes from Jean Vinchon Numismatique in Paris. It is certainly a beautiful specimen of the 5 thaler.

CoinQuest thanks Jean Vinchon for use of his coin image. Here are the stats:

2 1/2 THALER, 20 mm diameter, 0.0961 troy ounces gold
5 THALER, 23 mm diameter, 0.192 troy ounces gold
10 THALER, 28 mm diameter, 0.384 troy ounces gold

If you have a coin like this and it is in good condition, seek out a collector or coin dealer who can help you evaluate your holding. The values on CoinQuest are very rough estimates, and your coin may be worth far more (probably not less) than our values shown.

First compute base value (BV) due to gold content alone. If gold is trading at, say, $1400 US dollars per ounce (look it up at, it changes every day), then BV for a 5 thaler is 0.192 x 1400 = $269 US dollars. There coins are usually worth more than gold value due to collector appeal.

Here are some approximate catalog values for these coins:

2 1/2 THALER
circulated: BV + $200 US dollars
uncirculated: BV + $800

circulated: BV + $400 US dollars
uncirculated: BV + $1500

circulated: BV + $800 US dollars
uncirculated: BV + $2500

These are very approximate prices and the actual buy or sell value will change with the condition of the coin, the eye appeal of the coin, the amount of damage on the coin (if any), the price of gold, and, of course, the authenticity of the coin. Collector demand for nice specimens will be very high.

Coin: 5695 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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