Japan 5 Yen  1949 to Date
Japan 5 Yen 1949 to Date

These are modern Japanese 5 yen coins. The rice stalk and gear are distinguishing patterns. Dating these coins can be a challenge for Westerners. Earlier coins come from the Showa (Hirohito) dynasty, which starts counting years in 1925, and later from the current Heisei (Akihito) dynasty, which starts counting in 1988. So, for instance, Heisei 1 is 1989.

You can see these characters on the non-rice side of the coin. After that comes the date, expressed as years of the particular dynasty.

The coin in our photo comes from the 33rd year of the Showa dynasty, or 1925 + 33 = 1958. The leftmost character means 'year.'

All in all, most dates of these coins are worth face value, 5 yen in Japan. Dates before Showa 34 (1959) are worth about $10 if in fully uncirculated condition. Coins dated Showa 32 (1957) are scarce and can be worth $30 in fully uncirculated.

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question. nickle or nickle compound with a rose I guess on one side and 100 on the other. symbol indicates Hirohito Dynasty. 49. so the question is, is it 24th year of Showa...? - Wade
49 Showa (1974) see this page [PRESS HERE]. - CoinQuest (Paul)

My coins inscripions seem boxier than the one in the picture, what does this mean? Also I am having trouble translating my coins numbers, could someone help me figure this out please? - Morgan
Morgan -- Figuring out coins is a fun thing to do. Find a friend who is interested in coins and has been collecting for a while. He or she can help you figure out your coins. A coin catalog is necessary for detailed analysis. No web site has enough detail. A good coin catalog has at least 1000 times more information than this web site. Go to your local library to find coin catalogs. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I believe I might have a showa coin.But am having trouble with the date. It has some of the same characters as the one shown. can somebody email me so I can send a picture please? - Alex
Try - CoinQuest (Paul)

I really don't know what type my coin me and I'll send a picture and my coin has neither signs(neither Showa orHeisei)please help-[removed] - Jane
Hi Jane -- if you would like to send us photos of your coin, please CLICK HERE. You will be able to upload photos this way. - CoinQuest (Todd)




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