Germany Paul Von Hindenburg 80 Birthday Medal  1927
Germany Paul Von Hindenburg 80 Birthday Medal 1927

Look at the uncirculated gold medal in this picture. It is a beauty! It is from respected coin dealer MaZ Ankauf Verkauf Leihhaus in Berlin. CoinQuest thanks MaZ for use of their photo.

Paul Von Hindenburg was the President of Germany and an enabler of brutal dictator Adolph Hilter. He dissolved parliament twice in 1932 and eventually appointed Hitler as Chancellor in January 1933. In February, he suspended various civil liberties, and in March he gave Hitler's administration legislative powers. Hindenburg died the following year, after which Hitler declared the office of President vacant and, as 'Führer und Reichskanzler', made himself head of state.

Karl Goetz was a prolific sculptor and medalist in Germany, and created the silver medal in celebration of Von Hindenburg's 80th birthday.

Most of these medals were struck in silver and are quite common. There are, for example, four silver medals for sale on eBay right now. The value for the silver version of this medal is around $50 US dollars, maybe $20 more if dazzling uncirculated.

The gold medals are a different story. MaZ has this one on sale for 1025 euros, about $1450, a good price for such a superb specimen.

MaZ reports the gold content of this medal at 0.651 troy ounces of gold. At the current gold price of more than $1350 US dollars per ounce (look it up on, that's 0.651 x 1350 = $878 US dollars in gold value alone.

Derivatives of the medal were (apparently, to the best of my knowledge) considered as a candidate for a new 5 mark coin, but such a coin was never minted.


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Requester description: 1927 (front)reichsprasident von hindenburg 1847-1927 with an image of von hindenburg (back)reiches treuster diener deutschen with an image of coat of arms?? (shield with german eagle on top and shield separated into four boxes under it with two bulls and two horses in them). I found some information regarding a Karl Goetz Medal commemorating Von Hindenburg's 80th birthday but have only found silver coins on ebay. This one is either gold or bronze and I don't know if they were even made in gold or bronze composition. inscription on side of coin states 'bayer hauptmunzamt'
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