Tunisia 10 and 20 Francs  1891 to 1928
Tunisia 10 and 20 Francs 1891 to 1928

Tunisia is a small country with a checkered past. Located accross the Mediterranean from Italy, on the north coast of Africa, it was part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. But forays into high seas piracy was its downfall. Tunisia was taken over by the French in the late 1800s and remained so controlled until 1956.

The 10 and 20 franc coins addressed on this page are made of gold. There are also silver versions of these coins, which came later, after 1928.

The 10 francs coins are much more rare than the 20 francs. Here are some details:

10 FRANCS: 18 mm diameter, 0.933 troy ounces gold
20 FRANCS: 22 mm diameter, 0.187 troy ounces gold

You can compute the basic value of gold in the coins by multiplying the gold content by the current price of gold (e.g., from If you have one of these coins:

20 francs: 1891, 1892, 1893, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1903, 1904

the value is a little more than the basic gold value. All 10 francs coins, and all 20 francs coins not listed above, are very low mintage and worth about $1000 US dollars in catalog value when in fully uncirculated condition. Beware of counterfeits. Convert catalog values to actual values using our Important Terminology page.

Coin: 5712 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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