US Silver Eagle Proof Coins in Government Package  1986 to Date
US Silver Eagle Proof Coins in Government Package 1986 to Date

US Proof American Silver Eagles are amazing coins. We usually do not address proof coins on the CoinQuest site because proof coins are made especially for collectors and avid collectors do not use CoinQuest. (Avid collectors know how much coins are worth!)

But US Proof American Silver Eagles are an exception. Not only are they *absolutely gorgeous* coins, they have a strong secondary market with substantial premiums that change rapidly.

If you have a regular US Silver Eagle, see another CoinQuest page. This page is only for proofs, which have mirror-like fields and frosty devices, and are packaged in special US Mint packaging or numismatic slabs with grades above PR-68.

The following values are approximate catalog values which, in the case of proof ASE, are pretty close to actual buy (retail) values. If you are selling your proof ASE to a coin dealer, expect about one-half to two-thirds of retail value. You can read about the distinction between catalog and actual values at our Terminology page.

According to The Grey Sheet, a conservative price guide for US coins, most dates of proof Silver Eagles carry a catalog value of $70 US dollars. If you look on eBay, you will see that this is a good average retail price.

There are some *better dates* for these coins. Here are the Grey Sheet estimates for those dates:

1993: $90 US dollars catalog value
1994: $96
1995: $86

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