Germany Oberhausen Notgeld  1919
Germany Oberhausen Notgeld 1919

In the trying times of World War I, hyperinflation prevailed in Germany. This was due, in part, to the shortage of currency near the end of the war and continued for about six years (1917-1923). States, cities, factories and other entities issued Notgeld (emergency money) or Kriegsgeld (war money) in order to meet the currency demands.

Roman has sent us his picture of a 25 pfennig notgeld from the city of Oberhausen, Germany. These were also issued in 10 pfennig denomination, and perhaps others.

Typical selling prices for notgeld run from $5 to $20. Go to eBay, search for Notgeld, and see the amazing assortment of these pieces.

Our CoinQuest page on notgeld appears at this link

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