World Minting Errors (General Values) (Minting error)
World Minting Errors (General Values) (Minting error)

It sounds like you have a modern quarter that is a minting error. As you probably know, modern 'silver' coins are not silver at all. They are made with a sandwich of copper and nickel, with nickel on the outside and copper on the inside. Yours might be missing the nickel. But there are other explanations as well.

Please view the CoinQuest collection of error coins [PRESS HERE].

Mint workers try to eliminate error coins like this from circulation, but some get through. They carry a value to collectors who specialize in error coins. Typical values range from a few US dollars to $200. Really spectacular errors command even more. But, to be valuable, errors must be produced at the mint, they cannot be inflicted on the coin after it has left the mint. Such coins are damaged, they are not errors, and are worth zero.

Your best bet is to visit Mike Byers web site and inquire there. Mike is *the* expert on error coins.

Coin: 616 , Genre: Errors
Requested by: John, Thu, 11-Jun-2009 23:09:14 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 18-Jul-2014 15:17:46 GMT
Last review by CoinQuest: Sat, 24-Oct-2015 20:51:55 GMT
Requester description: 1983 Looks exactly line a standard quarter (before the state quarters started in print.) -except it has a copper finish instead of silver.
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