Mexico Durango 1/4 Real  1866
Mexico Durango 1/4 Real 1866

INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD means Independence and Liberty on your old 1/4 real coin from the State of Durango (Estado de Durango) in Northern Mexico. It seems there is renewed interest in collecting old coins from the various state-run mints of Mexico, and that drives up value. There are hundreds of unique types of these interesting coins, and that challenges collectors to assemble a complete set.

The term real, pronounced roughly ray-al, is the denomination of the coin. Before Mexico went to its modern decimal system, i.e., 100 centavos in one peso, the real denomination was issued in multiples of two, like this: 1/8 real, 1/4 real, 1/2 real, 1 real, 2 reales, 4 reales, and 8 reales. The 8 reales coins were big and heavy, like a silver dollar. They became famous as 'pieces of 8' in early Americana.

Most of these old state-minted coins are crudely made and heavily worn. The coin in the picture fits the 'crude' and 'worn' description, but it would still sell retail for $20 US dollars or so. A specimen in better condition would easily double that value, or more.

Dealers usually pay about one-half of retail for coins they buy from the general public. If Suzy wants to sell her coin to a dealer, and if Suzy's coin looks about like our picture, a dealer would probably pay about $10.

Coin: 6411 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: ONE SIDE:Eagle with serpent in mouth on cactus (Middle part of the Mexican flag). words top hard to read but say '_______ de Durango' OTHER SIDE: Hard to read but looks like it used to say: 'INDEPENDENCIA LIBERTAD' The middle looks like it had 1/4. and under that looks like another # with either an 86. or 66. at the end. OLD COPPER COLOR OR BRONZE
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