China Kiaochow (Kiautschou) 5 and 10 Cents  1909
China Kiaochow (Kiautschou) 5 and 10 Cents 1909

A study of Kiaochow history tells about the horrific circumstances leading to its take over by Germany in 1897. Kiaochow, with its many westernized spellings (Kiautschou, Kiao-chao, Kiauchau, Kiaochau, and others) was originally associated with Jiaozhou Bay in China's Yellow Sea.

During its occupation by Germany, 5 and 10 cent coins were issued in small numbers and used for trade. The coins include Chinese characters as well as the German imperial eagle. The specimen in our picture comes from Wolfgang Rittig, a respected coin dealer in Schwelm, Germany, who has it on sale for 135 euros (about $180 US dollars). Rittig's coin is in very good shape, so it commands a good price. Without the thumb print, the price would be higher.

The $180 price figure quoted is a good indicator of the value of both 5 and 10 cent Kiautschou pieces in well preserved condition. As always, more wear will lower the price, and damage like spots, scratches, cleanings, stains, nicks, and gouges will render the piece almost worthless.

The $180 figure is a retail price. If you have a specimen to sell, and want to sell it to a reputable dealer like Rittig, figure a 100 percent mark-up by the dealer. In other words, coin dealers generally offer one-half of retail price for coins they buy from collectors or the general public. The mark-up keeps the dealership solvent.

CoinQuest thanks Wolfgang Rittig for use of the coin photo.

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